about us

MSS in a Nutshell

Med Surg Solutions (MSS) is a leading medical solutions company. It has a long history of being the link between the latest surgical technologies worldwide and healthcare professionals in the Middle East area.

To stay up-to-date in a rapidly evolving field, MSS continuously seeks the latest technological quality products from around the world and promote them in hospitals and healthcare institutes of the region through a dedicated and highly trained selection of product specialists and marketers.

In addition to bringing to the market a state-of-the-art product range, MSS team is committed to offer exceptional education and awareness about its products in addition to its exceptional after sales services.

Advancing education is one of MSS focuses; hence it partnered with different international universities, hospitals and doctors to deliver world class training, medical solutions and ongoing support for education, for the healthcare professionals in the Middle East Region. In fact, MSS continuously, and rigorously conduct workshops with the help of its partners, suppliers and renowned international surgeons to ensure that all healthcare professionals, surgeons, nurses, technicians, hospitals etc. are trained and properly exposed to advanced products.

MSS delivers clinical advances coupled with superior quality and exceptional value.

MSS aim is to improve the quality of life of more than 100 million patients in the region.

Today, MSS is proud to be part of the Evolution of the healthcare sector in the GCC and Levant area.



MSS History

Since its establishment in 2003, MSS has had a strong and rapidly growing presence in the Middle East healthcare community. We embrace innovation, and strive to ensure our ideas, products and services to improve the quality of life of patients around the Middle East region.

MSS operates within a group of regional companies present in GCC and Lebanon dedicated to the fervent pursuit of providing surgeons in the Gulf region with the best up-to-date surgical/medical products through creative plans and educational programs with the aim of securing patients’ safety and lowering their operative risks.

We are a leading medical solutions company servicing a wide range of private, governmental hospitals and medical centers throughout the middle east region



MSS Mission

MSS continuously seeks cutting edge medical products and provides customized solutions and clinical training through specialized and dedicated team of professionals.



MSS Vision:

To be Middle East’s leading consultants and solutions providers of internationally acquired high-end medical products that contribute to the improvement of the medical landscape and patients’ wellbeing in the region.



MSS Values:

Excellence in Quality Products & Services
Making a Difference in Surgical Ecosystem
Openness to Progress
Wellbeing of Patients
Ethics, Integrity & Accountability
Reliability, Resourcefulness & Determination



For more information, please contact us on the following e-mail: education@medsurgsolutions.co