Kii Advanced Fixation Sleeve

By: Applied Medical


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Product Description

Described as "a major twist on standard technology," REF Kii Advanced Fixation addresses the many issues associated with migrating trocars, while offering additional benefits to the surgeon and patient. The non-latex, non-fragmenting balloon provides superior abdominal wall retention compared to other sleeves and ensures minimum penetration of the trocar into the operative field. The retention disk slides down to maintain the sleeve position in the abdomen, securing the trocar in place and virtually eliminating unintentional displacement or forward migration.

AppliedMedical Kii Access System Brochure (pdf)

AppliedMedical Surgical Society Recommendations on Laparoscopy During COVID (pdf)


Minimally invasive Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, General Surgery, Gynecologic Surgery, Urologic Surgery, Obesity Surgery

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