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Product Description

TECcare® PROTECT is specifically designed to sanitize and moisturize the hands and skin. Its user friendly, alcohol free formulation, that kills at least 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in one minute or less without leaving any residue, tackiness or odor on the skin.
The product range includes:
• Hand sanitizing foam rub: For use where hand washing is unavailable:
    • 50ml pump dispenser - pocket size and easy to carry for personal use.
   • 600ml pump dispenser - ideal for use in communal areas, waiting rooms, receptions, toilets, hand sanitizing stations etc.
• Hand wash: 600ml pump dispenser where running water is available - perfect for industrial use and areas where hand hygiene is essential, e.g. hospitals, food preparation facilities, clean room manufacturing etc.
• Skin cleansing / sanitizing wipes: 100% biodegradable spun viscose wipes supplied in a convenient pouch - ideal for the removal of dirt and organic matter from the hands, face and skin when on the move or in situations where normal skin washing is not possible.

TECcare PROTECT Foam Hand Sanitiser Fact Sheet (pdf)
TECcare Technical Bulletin PROTECT COVID-19 (pdf)


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