Mega Vac™ Smoke Evacuators

By: Ethicon – Megadyne

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Product Description

Removing hazardous surgical smoke has never been easier or quieter than with the Mega Vac Smoke Evacuator.Appropriate for use in all open procedures, this innovative smoke evacuator system offers:
- Fully Automatic On/Off Suction. Smoke is automatically evacuated when the pencil is activated for efficient smoke removal and to maintain a quiet OR Variable Levels of Suction time and levels can be adjusted to suit surgeon or case requirements.
- Suction level adjustments keep noise low and maximize effectiveness.
- Manual operation Front panel or footswitch options for manual operation.
- Change Filter Indicator Filter expense is minimized by letting the user know precisely when to change the filter with a clearly-marked Change Filter indicator on the front panel.


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Smoke Free Surgery, Minimally invasive Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Genral Surgery, Gynecologic Surgery, Urologic Surgery

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